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As stated before, green and black teas differ in their processing. According to research conducted by the Tea Advisory Panel, the processing of green and black teas change their makeup.

Green Tea (Unoxidized): Short Withering, Usually by Sun-drying → Steaming/Parching, to Stop Any Further Oxidation → Flattening, Rolling, or Twisting → Drying, Usually in a Large Wok Over Low Heat → Final Firing, to “Cook Out” any remaining moisture and Stop Oxidation

(% of weight)
Catechins 30-42
Flavonols 5-10
Other Flavonoids 2-4
Theogallin 2-3
Other Depsides 1
Ascorbic Acid 1-2
Gallic Acid 0.5
Quinic Acid 2
Other Organic Acids 4-5
Theanine 4-6
Other Amino Acids 4-6
Methylxanthines 7-9
Carbohydrates 10-15
Minerals 6-8
Volatiles 0.02

Black Tea (Oxidized): Long Indoor Withering → Flattening, Rolling, Twisting, Tearing, Breaking, Crushing → Left to Oxidize for Hours or More → Final Firing

(% of weight)
Catechins 3-10
Theaflavins 3-6
Thearubigens 12-18
Flavonols 6-8
Phenolic acids and depsides 10-12
Amino Acids 13-15
Methylxanthines 8-11
Carbohydrates 15
Protein 1
Mineral water 10
Volatiles <0.1

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