Mr. Mo (Guangxi Tea)

Tea Masters (4)Mr. Mo is from one of China’s most beautiful and famous regions – Guilin. He lives a quiet life in a village far away from the big cities. Tea is life for Mr. Mo, and he focuses on several aspects of the industry. He’s very knowledgeable about tea, tea culture, and tea production. Though Guangxi cannot compare to other ancient tea-producing regions’ fame, that doesn’t stop Mr. Mo from claiming authority on the subject.

He has a slow way about him, never in a hurry. At first sight he seems like the stereotypical grumpy old man, but he is very willing to talk with anyone about tea culture, despite his dour expression.

One of his personal passions is tea table carving. Being so close to tropical regions, it’s easy to get access to hardwoods that are ideal for table making, and he produces some amazing works of art. Each piece takes him a week or more to complete, and it’s sometimes more than a month for the really intricate ones!

He only makes tables on a made-to-order basis, but he doesn’t do special orders. If you want one of his tables, you just say the word and take what you get! A real principled artist, this guy.

He’s not too concerned with following traditions and likes to try new things with regard to tea growing, and with his tea tables. This is why Guangxi might soon set itself apart from the rest of China’s tea-growing regions. They don’t have hundreds of years of strict tea traditions to worry about, so they can freely experiment. Guangxi has its fair share of ancient local traditions, but tea is not among them.

In Guilin they like to use Guihua (Osmanthus flowers) in almost everything. It is a very fragrant, small, yellow flower that grows in abundance in the region and falls from the trees twice a year. The locals collect these small flowers and add them to everything from food to alcohol. These are the same flowers in our Guilin Osmanthus-blended green tea. Guangxi is famous for culinary innovation. They eat snakes, bugs, and pretty much anything that doesn’t outright poison you. They even use their sweet-tasting local black tea in the cuisine!

Beautiful mountain scenery, tourism, rice paddies, water buffalo, and eating everything you can get your hands on is the way of life in Mr. Mo’s world. It’s a must-see for any China travelers without the tea. Wonderfully-innovative tea production is just a bonus!

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