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University of Maryland Health: Green Tea Overview→

All teas are not created equal: Chinese green tea and health→

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Green tea and its polyphenolic catechins: Medicinal uses in cancer and noncancer applications→

Medicinal benefits of green tea: Part I. Review of noncancer health benefits→

Medicinal benefits of green tea: Part II. review of anticancer properties→

The health effects of green tea catechins in in vivo→

Tea or coffee? A case study on evidence for dietary advice→

Baseline of Health Foundation: The Scoop on Green Tea→

Baseline of Health Foundation: Green Tea Squeeze Play→

Baseline of Health Foundation: Benefits of Green Tea Extract→

Health Kismet: The Secret Ingredient in Green Tea→

Beneficial effects of green tea→


21st Century ills→

The health effects of black tea and flavonoids→

A Thought on the Biological Activities of Black Tea→


Caffeine, cognitive failures and health in a non-working community sample→

Mechanisms of chronic disease causation by nutritional factors and tobacco products and their prevention by tea polyphenols→

Tea polyphenols for health promotion→

University of Michigan Health: Tea Tops the Healing Foods Pyramid→

WebMD: The Health Benefits of Tea→

Fitness Magazine: Tea is the Ultimate Health Drink→

Harvard Health: The proof is in, and drinking tea is healthy→

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US National Library of Medicine: Tea and health: studies in humans→

Arthritis Foundation: A Cup of Tea Can Be Good for Your Health→

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