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The impact of caffeine on mood, cognitive function, performance and hydration: A review of benefits and risks→

The effects of l-theanine, caffeine and their combination on cognition and mood→

Psychological effects of dietary components of tea: caffeine and L-theanine→

Caffeine, cognitive failures and health in a non-working community sample→

Non-alcoholic beverage and caffeine consumption and mortality: The Leisure World Cohort Study→

Effects of different steeping methods and storage on caffeine, catechins and gallic acid in bag tea infusions→

Time for tea: Mood, blood pressure and cognitive performance effects of caffeine and theanine administered alone and together→

Caffeine, fluid-electrolyte balance, temperature regulation, and exercise-heat tolerance→

Tea preparation and its influence on methylxanthine concentration→

L-theanine and caffeine improve task switching→

WARNING: Habitual caffeine intake in women of childbearing age→

Caffeine and miscarriage risk→

Maternal caffeine consumption during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage: A prospective cohort study→

Maternal caffeine consumption and risk of cardiovascular malformations→

Effects of Sri Lankan Black Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) on Pregnancy→

Factors affecting the caffeine and polyphenol contents of black and green tea infusions→

Factors affecting the levels of tea polyphenols and caffeine in tea leaves→

Analysis of catechins and caffeine in tea extracts by micellar electrokinetic chromatography→

Bone mineral density, polyphenols and caffeine: A reassessment→

Caffeine and the kidney: What evidence right now?→

Caffeine Consumption and the Risk of Primary Open – Angle Glaucoma: A Prospective Cohort Study→

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