White Peony White

Chinese Name: 白牡丹
Origin: Fujian, China
Infusion Temperature: 170-190°F
Cup Steep: 1-2 tbsp for 15-25 secs
Gongfu Steep: 2-3 tbsp for 3-5 secs
Leaf Reuse: 3-4 times
Ingredients: Tea (Camellia sinensis)

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White Peony white tea is a softer tea than the Silver Needle, yet because of the older leaves used it has more character range. It has almost a green tea flavor, but with floral notes, hints of fruitiness, and a stronger fragrance. Many describe Bai Mudan as a stronger white tea, but ours is a little more subtle, and when brewed correctly it has none of the characteristic bitterness that fresh green leaves are known for.

When plucking for White Peony, growers try to get one silvery bud attached to two young leaves. This is a delicate and labor-intensive process, as you can imagine, but the result is incomparable to any other tea.

As you may have learned, white tea is the closest to a raw tea leaf. White tea is parched, or steamed and dehydrated almost immediately after plucking. The timing is crucial, and the window to produce the perfect tea is quite small. This is what makes a white tea different from the rest. What many don’t realize is that most white teas aren’t actually white in color! Only a handful of the white teas that are produced have a white color to them, and that’s only because the style favors the fine hairy buds. If not for careful selection of those fine buds, all white teas would look like a natural green tea leaf. If you’ve ever been to a tea plantation and looked closely at the plants, you would have seen that finding the fine, white, fuzzy buds is quite challenging. So you can imagine how labor-intensive fine tea production really is!

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