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2oz bag of pure Chinese jasmine flowers. Add a small pinch to your teas to flavor your drink with jasmine, but tread lightly as jasmine could easily overwhelm a tea's subtle flavor. You can also brew it alone to make a jasmine tisane.


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Many people request Jasmine Tea, though this is not really something you’ll find in tea country. Chinese restaurants in the West will often serve “restaurant-grade” teas that have been flavored with jasmine. Jasmine tea can also be found within China, even at tea markets, depending on the region. By providing the raw flower and a quality tea, we can assure you that you will be getting a much more rewarding experience than you have with jasmine tea in the past.

Chinese pride themselves on ancient tea production styles that were developed over generations, through trial and error. These styles unlock a myriad of flavors and aromas that are naturally within the tea. Chinese tea masters have painstakingly developed intricate steps, passed down through the ages, for isolating certain characteristics of Camellia sinensis. Adding jasmine has the effect of overwhelming the subtle flavors of tea, and it’s not something a proud master is likely to do.

Regardless, we do offer pure, loose jasmine flowers for those who would like to try genuine Chinese jasmine tea. If you desire, you can add a very small pitch to blend with your tea, or you may use only jasmine to make an herbal infusion, known as a tisane, with no tea.

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