Huoshan Yellow

Chinese Name: 霍山黄芽
Origin: Huangshan, China
Infusion Temperature: 170-190°F
Cup Steep: 1-2 tbsp for 15-25 secs
Gongfu Steep: 2-3 tbsp for 3-5 secs
Leaf Reuse: 4-5 times
Ingredients: Tea (Camellia sinensis)

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Many consider yellow tea to be its own, sixth category of tea. But since it is produced almost identically to green tea in all but the steaming stage of the parching process, it is really more of a subcategory of green tea

Huoshan yellow tea comes from the epically beautiful region known as the Yellow Mountains in Anhui Province. It is very similar in appearance and taste to its famous cousin Huangshan Maofeng green tea, yet Huoshan yellow tea has a distinct nutty flavor due to the difference in processing.

Huangshan is most famous for its beautiful mountain scenery, but many tea drinkers know Huangshan as a tea producing region. Like Huangshan Maofeng, Huoshan tea’s processing is meant to bring out a strong “grassy” flavor – which is the taste of it powerful antioxidants – but the final steaming process, known as parching, is extended on yellow teas to bring out a more silky flavor with noticeably nutty notes. The flavor is comparable to Dragon Well green tea.

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