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Chinese Name: 七仙峰桂花绿茶
Origin: Guangxi, China
Infusion Temperature: 170-190°F
Cup Steep: 1-2 tsp for 15-25 secs
Gongfu Steep: 2-3 tsp for 3-5 secs
Leaf Reuse: 4-5 times
Ingredients: Tea (Camellia sinensis), Osmanthus Flowers

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Our Fairy Mountain teas are named after the mountains where they are grown, in the epically beautiful Guilin region. This is the same region where Xianna and Patrick first met and fell in love. One look at the beauty of it and it’s not hard to see why they wanted to provide their customers with teas from this magical region.

Like the black tea from the same mountains, this green tea stands alone in its category. It includes only the fine, furry buds so as to avoid any potential bitterness that often comes from casual green tea infusion. It’s mellowness is surpassed only by the intoxicating aroma that comes from the osmanthus flowers it’s blended with. This is the only blend we carry, as it’s really not the Chinese way, but one taste and we were hooked. The Guangxi region doesn’t have as strong a foundation in growing tea as other more famous regions, and that means they aren’t weighted down by traditional methods of production. Plus, the Guangxi people put osmanthus flowers in everything the consume. Their lack of strict adherence to traditional methods of tea production means they can experiment and innovate, however subtly, to create new and interesting teas. Our Fairy Mountain Osmanthus-blended Green Tea is a fine example of this.

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