Clouds and Mist Green

Chinese Name: 云雾绿茶
Origin: Huangshan, China
Infusion Temperature: 175-195°F
Cup Steep: 1-2 tsp for 15-25 secs
Gongfu Steep: 2-3 tsp for 3-5 secs
Leaf Reuse: 4-5 times
Ingredients: Tea (Camellia sinensis)

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Clouds and Mist green tea is a light, yet classic green tea and is becoming more popular around the world because of its smooth flavor. Our Huangshan Clouds and Mist comes from the majestic Yellow Mountains of Anhui Province, though the style originates from neighboring Jiangsu Province. Although this scenic mountainous region is a major tourist attraction, it also produces many famous teas.

Unlike many green teas, the Huangshan Clouds and Mist green tea has a very light and sweet taste. People usually have to be careful when infusing green teas, using lower temperatures and steeping for very exact amounts of time. The Huangshan Clouds and Mist does not demand such precision to end up with a nice tasting tea. In fact, casual infusions end up bringing out subtly different flavors each time, all of which are pleasant.

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