From the Heart of China All the Tea in Caina Genuine Tea Culture Taste the Beauty of China Online Ordering Now! Education Through Experience Purity and Health are Top Priorities Peace of Mind Join the World Life's a Journey

All the Tea in Caina

We have the knowledge and networks to bring you the finest teas China has to offer.

Genuine Tea Culture

We grew up in the heart of Chinese tea culture and have learned from the masters themselves.

Taste the Beauty of China

We have been inspired by the purity and beauty of the Chinese countryside and try to incorporate it into everything we do.

Online Ordering Now!

Browse all the teas and teaware from China and checkout with Paypal or Credit Card.

Education Through Experience

We've put in the effort and trekked across the lands. We've lived on the mountainsides and woken up to see the sun rise over the misty tea mountains.

Purity and Health are Top Priorities

We have seen the natural state of the plantations and tasted all our teas on location. We can assure you of their quality and natural purity.

Peace of Mind

Tea offers a myriad of health benefits and brings about a calmness to those who take the time to appreciate its beauty.

Join the World

Tea is the most popular drink in the world, and America is just waking up to the truth of this powerful herbal medicine. Be a part of that awakening!

Life's a Journey

As any master will tell you, one is never done learning about the mysteries of tea. Follow us as we travel, learn, and grow together!

Farm-Direct Trade

We get our teas directly from the family farms in the sunny hills and mist-shrouded mountains of far-off China. Direct Trade is the far more reliable alternative to Fair Trade. If you want to be sure where your products are coming from and where the money is going, you have to make the deals yourself. There's no substitute for passion. We have visited all of our farmers, throughout China, and we can assure you of their organic and fair methods of production.

All the Tea in Caina

Caina Tea's roots are in China. The founder, Cai Xian Na (蔡贤娜) is from Chaoshan, home of the Chinese Tea Ceremony in the heart of tea country. The business name is a combination of Xian Na Cai's middle name, Na (娜) and her family name, Cai (蔡). Together they form Caina (蔡娜), serendipitously pronounced as China, or Tsai-na. We have personally traveled throughout this vast country, much like the famous trader Marco Polo and the original tea sage Lu Yu (陆羽), to gather all the finest teas in Caina.

Online Shopping and Wholesale

We have been working hard to build our business from the ground up, debt-free. This, in combination with direct trade allows us to pass the savings on to you. Our DIY efforts extend all the way to our shopping cart. We have installed a popular and secure credit card option, or you may use our PayPal gateway. For even deeper discounts please contact us directly regarding wholesale orders.

Vanguard of the Post-Organic Movement

"Organic" was a buzz word from conception. We're taking it back to the roots, so to speak. Wild was the original organic, and we've actually found wild grown Chinese teas. All our teas are flown directly from ecologically-conscientious tea farms in the isolated mountains of China. Tea is from the heart of China - That's where it originated and where the secrets of its production have been guarded and perfected over countless generations. Caina Tea is a direct extension of these ancient Chinese traditions.

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Xianna Performing Gongfu Cha

More of Our Caina Tea Trekking Videos

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